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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Hey all!
Sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER! I've been pretty busy.

I started working at Cabela's about 2 months ago in Customer Service. Now I have put in my 2 weeks and my last day there is the 7th of DEC.

I just got a new job at Alpha Foundry aluminum casting. It looks pretty "fun" in the sense of excitingly interesting. :) I took a tour before I filled out the application, and I got to see the guys making the molds, and the tour guide opened the melting pot so I could see the 1250 degree melted liquid aluminum. It was pretty awesome! :)

I've also been doing little odd things around the farm....kinda finishing up the cleaning up at such. It's all shaping up nicely....although I miss our giant 1466 FARMALL INTERNATIONAL tractor. It was fun to drive and just seeing it sitting there gave you the romantic "classic farm life" feeling. :P

Another event that happened is that on the 8th of NOV I spun out in the rain on I-70 eastbound in Foristell MO and hit a concrete barrier backwards at 60-65 mph. Then I slide back across the interstate with 2 side-by-side semis flying at me and I hit the median cables. My car was damaged enough that it made more sense to get a new one, and I had heavy whiplash and a lot of bodily soreness. Which the soreness and weakness to my left shoulder/arm is still there even after 3 weeks. But thank-you Lord that You protected me and kept me safe!

Anyway, just a quick update. It's 12:30pm and I got to go to the chiropractor in the morning then go to work...so perhaps I'll post more later.

Again, sorry for the wait, to those that fallow this blog.

Now ya'll have a jolly good day, ya hear?! :)