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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Sunday Sermon

"Daddy?", Malisa asked.
"Yes Pumkin?" was the reply.
"Does God really care about me?"
Now I know what you are thinking. 'Why in the world would someone ask a question like that?'. But if you look around, most do wonder the same. 
As our story unfolds, we must use our imaginations to see a beautiful little girl of about 9 years old, strolling the gardens of flowers, belonging to the village, with her loving father. The two often walked these paths of joy. They would spend many an hour together each day, talking of things Above, or just chatting to each other of their love for each other and the world God placed them in.
"Why, of course He does, Dearest!" the father replied.
"And is He the strongest in the world?" was the child's next question in line.
"Yes, Dear."
"And does He mean to kill that bad spirit, the devil?"
"Well, He tells us in His word that He has prepared the lake of fire for the devil and his angels" the well versed father answered.
"Well, if He does care about me, and if He is the strongest, and if He is going to throw the devil in the lake of fire, why does He let me get hurt? Why do I still sin? Why doesn't He get rid of the devil right now and save us from all this trouble and pain?" the little girl asked.
Here we must stop, and consider, what is this little girl asking? Is she innocently thinking about God and His love for His people? Yes, she is wondering of God's saving grace, and what's keeping Him from using that power to save his people from torment on this earth. Does God truly love us? Yes. Why is He letting us get in car crashes, killed in war, have pain and trouble in this world? Keep these questions in mind as we continue our story.
The father pondered for a minute, "Very good question, especially for a 9 year old" then out loud, "Well dear, tomorrow's sermon is going to be on that very subject. Shall we wait for an explanation from Pastor tomorrow?"
"Yes! I love Pastor Evans. He's so kind and does tricks for me and I love his sermons because they're based on the truth of God's word alone." she said with a smile of joy that would melt any father's heart.
"Very well, then we shall see what he says about it tomorrow. But right now, we must head home for darkness is almost upon us" and Mr. Frank led his little girl back home.
As the darkness crept over the village, the light from one tiny cottage brushed the trees overhead until, slowly, the candlelight burnt low and Mr. Frank blew it out after he tucked in his little girl.

.....What will the sermon be like? Find out next Sunday night, right here!...... 

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